How to cut medium thick steel plates quickly and efficiently


medium thick steel plates

The steel plate with thickness of 4.5mm to 25mm is medium thick steel plate. It is widely used in construction engineering, machinery manufacturing, container manufacturing, shipbuilding, bridge construction, etc. However, each project has different requirements for the size of medium thick steel plates. There are many methods for cutting medium thick steel plates, such as flame cutting, laser cutting, wire cutting, plate cutting machine cutting, plasma cutting, ultra-high pressure water cutting, etc.

1. Professional large cutting machine, cutting speed for medium thick steel plates is high, cutting surface is relatively smooth, and cutting thermal deformation is small, so it can cut some forming parts. But the price of the equipment is quite high.

2. Small cutting machine. It is convenient and flexible for use to cut medium thick steel plates, and the position occupied is very small, but the cutting efficiency is low.


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