What is the common method of steel plate cutting


Steel plate cutting mainly adopts two methods, the first is to do cold cutting treatment, the second is to do hot cutting treatment. Each method has specific classification, for example, when cold cutting, water flow cutting or common cutting method can be selected, or saw cutting can be selected. If it's hot cutting, flame cutting, plasma cutting, or high-energy laser cutting steel plate are often used.

No matter what method is used to cut the steel plate, cutting cracks will be left after cutting. This kind of cracks can be controlled. For example, when experienced workers cut, the cutting cracks can be few. If apprentices do steel plate cutting, the cutting cracks will be larger. If hot cutting is selected, preheating treatment is better before cutting. The preheating time should be determined by the grade or quality of steel plate. After preheating, hot cutting can be carried out, and cutting cracks can be relatively reduced.


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