What are the methods of steel cutting


Steel cutting methods are divided into flame cutting, plasma cutting, water jet cutting, and laser cutting by technical difference.

1. Flame cutting
This is a more traditional steel cutting method, which is also widely used.
Advantages: it can cut thick steel plates and carry conveniently;
Disadvantages: cannot cut stainless steel.

2. Plasma cutting
This requires the assistance of air compressor. With the rise of CNC automation, CNC plasma cutting for steel materials is very popular at present.
Advantages: fast cutting speed, general cutting accuracy, low cutting cost, cutting stainless steel and other metals;
Disadvantages: there is a certain groove for cutting steel, of course, the groove size depends on the technical personnel.

3. Water jet cutting
This is also a relatively old method of steel cutting.
Advantages: in addition to steel materials, it can cut other metal or non-metal plates;
Disadvantages: the efficiency of cutting thick steel plates is very low and the cutting cost is high.

4. Laser cutting
At present, laser cutting is not very popular, because it has obvious limitations on the thickness of steel cutting.
Advantages: the thin steel cutting is relatively fast, the cutting seam of the steel cutting is neat without burr, the cutting precision is high, and other metals or nonmetals can be cut;
Disadvantages: can not cut thick steel plates, high cutting cost.


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