Cutting methods of manganese steel plate


manganese steel plate

Cutting methods for manganese steel plate cutting:
Plasma cutting is recommended for manganese steel plate cutting. Plasma cutting is divided into underwater plasma and air plasma cutting. When underwater plasma cutting is adopted, plasma gas can produce high temperature of several thousand degrees, and the incision of high manganese steel plate melts rapidly and avoids oxidation due to water barrier. Water cools steel plate in time to prevent carbide precipitation, making steel plate cutting surface smooth and flat, without heat affected zone and excellent cutting quality. It is the preferred choice for cutting high manganese steel. Air plasma cutting can also be used.

Traditional flame cutting can also be used for manganese steel plate cutting. When flame cutting is adopted, it is recommended to use cutting trolley. According to the thickness of steel plate, different specifications of gun head should be used. The ratio of gas and oxygen should be adjusted properly.


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