Where are the medium and heavy plates used after cutting


The application of medium and heavy plates after cutting is very extensive, which not only can be used in construction engineering, machinery manufacturing, container manufacturing, etc.; it can also be used to manufacture various parts and welded components. If the medium and heavy plates are to be used as steel plates for large-scale railway bridges, they must have strict requirements on dynamic load, impact, vibration, corrosion resistance, etc., in order to meet the basic requirements for use.

medium and heavy plates

If the medium and heavy plates are to be used in the manufacture of marine and inland ship hulls, the strength, plasticity, toughness, cold bending performance, welding performance, corrosion resistance and other aspects of the plate must meet the standards, so that they can withstand pressure brought by various environments, so as to play their due effect.

It can be seen that the cutting of medium and heavy plates is only a process used to change the shape of the plates. It is necessary to ensure that the performance of the plates will not be affected, otherwise the application will be implicated.


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