What is the cutting plate S690QL application


S690QL application

The cutting plate S690QL is a high yield structural steel grade produced in compliance with EN 10025-6. The plate S690QL is heat treated using the quench and temper process. And the cutting plate S690QL has good bending and welding properties. Below we check the cutting plate S690QL properties together, which has great influence on S690QL application.

The cutting plate S690QL properties:

Designation Mechanical Properties (ambient temperature)
Grade Steel
Min. Yield Strength Reh MPa Tensile Strength Rm MPa Min. % elongation
after fracture
Nominal thickness (mm) Nominal thickness (mm)
≥3≤50 ≥50≤100 ≥100≤150 ≥3≤50 ≥50≤100 ≥100≤150
S690QL 1.8928 690 650 630 770/940 760/930 710/900 14

From the above cutting plate S690QL properties, we know cutting plate S690QL strength is rather high. That makes S690QL application wide in heavy load bearing fields. The cutting plate S690QL is applicable in heavy transportation, construction industry, machine building, and lifting equipment.


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