What are the Techniques For Cutting Heavy Plates


 In the process of machining steel plates, some equipment has higher requirements on the thickness of the steel plate. For example, in shipyards, in order to improve the impact resistance of ships, special heavy plates are required for installation and application. These heavy plates are thicker than ordinary steel plates, and the specifications and dimensions of the plates are also differentiated. In recent years, the application of extra-thick steel plates has become more and more extensive, so the demand for extra-thick steel plates has also begun to rise. When using extra-thick steel plates, it is often necessary to perform extra-thick steel plate cutting operations. What techniques do you need to master when cutting such plates?

When performing special heavy steel plates cutting operations, the cutting speed should not be too fast. Many processing and production industries will encounter the problem that in order to speed up the cutting of extra-thick steel plates, many details will be neglected during the process of these processes, so that it is easy to produce waste parts, and some plates will crack. Therefore, when cutting a special heavy plate, it must be noted that the speed should not be too fast, and should be processed at a low speed, which can effectively improve work efficiency.
During the special heavy plate cutting, the staff needs to preheat in advance. Some plates are prone to cracks after entering the cutting process, sometimes because the temperature is too low, so it is necessary to advance in this case. Preheat treatment is carried out. The staff can preheat the board first, so that the temperature of the board will gradually increase, and then the flame gun can be used for cutting. The probability of cracking of the cut material is very low, and the quality of the board is also guaranteed.


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