Three ways of cutting carbon steel plate


carbon steel plate

In fact, there are three ways to cut carbon steel plate: manual steel plate cutting, semi-automatic cutting and CNC cutting machine cutting.

First is manual cutting: it mainly includes manual gas welding cutting, manual gasoline cutting, manual plasma cutting, cutting speed is fast, suitable for thin plate, stainless steel cutting.

The second is semi-automatic cutting: it uses the simple slide way of small sports car to cut steel plate straight line, but the disadvantage is that it can't cut irregular graphics.

Finally, the CNC cutting machine cutting, it mainly includes the following equipment: CNC flame cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine.

CNC flame cutting machine: currently used to cut 5-300 mm carbon steel plate material, cutting thickness is large, cutting efficiency is high, no cutting groove, simple to use, the raw material used for cutting is mainly oxygen and the cost is low. It is adopted by most users.

CNC plasma cutting machine: currently used for stainless steel cutting, less than 40mm metal plate cutting, characterized by fast cutting speed, especially for non-ferrous metal cutting, deeply loved by the majority of users.


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