NM400, NM500 Wear Resistant Plates Cutting


 The factory is neatly stacked with various specifications of German XAR400 wear resistant plates, Swedish HARDOX 500 wear plates, Chinese NM400, NM500 wear resistant plates and high strength plates. These NM400 plates are processed for cutting, bending, rounding, drilling and welding as customer required.


The common processing of NM500 wear resistant plates is cutting. Cutting NM500 wear resistant plates can generally use flame cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting and water jet cutting. The most commonly used cutting wear resistant plate is the plasma cutting machine. The whole piece of wear plate is cut into the required size, and then further processed; the wear plate plasma cutting is relatively flame-cut, although the loss will be larger. However, since water has a cooling effect, the hardness of the NM500 wear resistant plates is not lowered.


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