Introduction of CNC cutting knowledge of steel plate cutting


In CNC cutting for steel plate, there is the term of thermal cutting, which includes CNC flame cutting, CNC plasma cutting and CNC laser cutting, each with its own characteristics, specifically as follows:

CNC flame cutting: the steel plate deformation scale of this cutting is relatively large, which is not suitable for high-precision cutting, and the cutting speed is slow, the cutting time is long, and preheating is required before cutting, so unmanned operation cannot be realized.

CNC plasma cutting: it has the advantage of fast steel plate cutting speed, which can reach 10 m / min. If cutting under water, it is very environmentally friendly, so it is mainly used for cutting low thickness metal plates and a variety of non-metallic materials.

CNC laser cutting: it is a very good steel plate cutting method, with many advantages, without subsequent processing.

The above is about the knowledge of numerical control cutting of steel plate. If there is any deficiency, please give more advice


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