Heavy Steel Plates Cutting

We can cut heavy steel plates into various sizes according to customers’ drawing or requirement. There are many kinds of steel plates products like mechanical parts, mold steel plates, bearing housing plates, gear plates, steel structures and welding parts. 
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Ultra-high pressure water cutting, also known as water jet and water jet, is a high-energy (380 MPa) water flow produced by multi-stage supercharging of ordinary water, and then passed through a very fine ruby ozzle (Φ0.1-0.35mm), cutting at a speed of nearly kilometers per second, this cutting method is called ultra-high pressure water cutting.
Steel plate processing: Our large-scale CNC cutting and processing production center can provide customers with various specifications of material steel plate cutting, zero cutting, processing of various geometric steel plate members. The thickness of the standing steel plate is 80mm-500mm, and the raw materials are first-line steel mills such as Baosteel and Shagang. The quality of the steel plate cutting parts (including CNC cutting parts) is absolutely stable and reliable, ensuring 100% without any quality objection. The production cycle is short and the price is reasonable.



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