Embedded Plates for Steel Structures


 In general, when civil works or foundations are installed, in order to install the foundation structure later or to facilitate the equipment, put some of the equipment's base, or anchor bolts, or auxiliary steel plate structures into the foundation first. In this way, after the foundation is completed, the subsequent equipment can be easily fixed on the embedded plate or embedded part, which is very common in engineering.

The embedded iron plate is considered to have epitaxial support here. This is often encountered in concrete construction. For example, when the bridge pier is finished, a cover beam must be made on it, and a support must be set up for the cover beam. There are many ways to set up a bracket. One method is to embed steel plates on both sides of the pier. When the construction of the beam is to be covered, the first embedded steel plate is connected to make an epitaxial support, and then supports can be set up on these supports. Already.
Embedded boards are not commonly used in general commercial buildings (commonly used expansion bolts), but are very common in the field of industrial construction. They are mainly fixed to the external support structure and are separately welded to the embedded boards; and bolted to the embedded boards (This type requires drilling holes or connecting screws to the steel plate.) To ensure higher stability and force in the result of the connection with the embedded plate.


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