Development status and forecast of China's iron and steel industry



The iron and steel industry has provided important support for the rapid development of China's economy and important infrastructure materials and functional materials for the improvement of people's quality of life. As a typical technology intensive industry and the most internationally competitive industry in China, China's iron and steel industry is leading the green revolution in the world's iron and steel industry, and will lead the development of the world's iron and steel industry for a long time.

In the past year, China's steel market is in strong demand, and the super large-scale internal circulation market has provided strong support for the development of the steel industry. The production of China's steel industry has continued to run at a high level, the steel consumption has increased rapidly, and the steel trade has entered a new pattern. Considering the economic development, investment situation, policy guidance, steel demand of downstream industries and other factors, it is predicted that China's total steel demand will maintain a small growth trend in 2021, steel export will be flat, and steel import will increase slightly; it is predicted that steel prices will fluctuate in a wide range under various effects in 2021, showing a trend of high in the front and low in the back, and the steel prices will gradually return to rationality.


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